Powerfloat 2BeSure
Powerfloat 2BeSure
Powerfloat 2BeSure
Powerfloat 2BeSure
Aviator Paramotor

Powerfloat 2BeSure

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Statistically, water presents a paramotor pilot with their deadliest threat. It is deceptively hard to free yourself from lines, soaking harnesses, and heavy metal components, all in the chaos of an unintended landing. The Powerfloat 2BeSure is lightweight, unobtrusive, and provides you with a massive element of safety when flying over water. The auto-activating flotation triggers upon immersion in water, allowing you critical time to free yourself from your wing and harness and swim to safety. This is a critical and lifesaving instrument for anyone who goes near water, as many of us do.


Three Variants: 2B sure, two flotation, one for each harness strap, 2B sure XL recommended for trike use. U-shape, one float that can be installed to frame or harness


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