Moster Dual Start Battery Charger & Maintainer
Aviator Paramotor

Moster Dual Start Battery Charger & Maintainer

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This is use in all Moster 185 dual start units.

OptiMATE Lithium 4s 0.8A, TM-471, 8-step 12.8V 0.8A sealed battery saving charger & maintainer

Provides 24/7 protection by preventing discharge from connected circuitry and guarantees more battery power. SAVES, CHARGES, AND MAINTAINS YOUR EXPENSIVE LITHIUM BATTERY - Ultimate protection for your high performance Lithium battery. GET YOUR BATTERY TO WORK - Saves batteries when no other charger will work. If OptiMATE can't save it, nothing will. SAVES AND TESTS YOUR FLAT BATTERY - The best preventative measure against Lithium battery damage. WORKS FOR YOUR VEHICLE - Whether it be off-road, motocross, or track motorcycle. INTELLIGENT WAKE UP MODE - BMS (Battery Management System) wake up mode safely wakes battery with integrated BMS protection out of sleep mode. HIGHLY REPUTABLE CHARGER - OptiMATE Lithium is recommended by Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, KTM and Husqvarna and global Lithium battery manufacturers Antigravity, Super-B and Earth-X.

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