Anti-Torque Aerodynamic Lamels - Set of 20 by Virus

Anti-Torque Aerodynamic Lamels - Set of 20 by Virus

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Virus ATL Lamels add dynamic torque compensation to almost any paramotor that uses standard web style netting.  Each lamel is made of durable molded thermoplastic material and the entire set of 20 may be installed in less than 10 minutes and lamels remain very securely installed on the netting without any maintenance.  Provides 12-16 NM of counter-torque force, adequate for any paramotor to create zero-torque full power climbs and turns.   Installation instructions are provided at    

Standard lamels are pre-cut to fit paramotors with net openings between 45-60MM, while universal lamels can fit other sizes but requires some minor cutting/scissoring by the user based on the specific diameter of their netting prior to installation. 

Lamels are available for both geared re-drive and belt drive paramotors (please specify in notes when ordering), and also in either flat black or glossy black.   Please see the video here for more information.

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