Parajet Zenith
Parajet Zenith

Parajet Zenith

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Parajet has optimized the beautiful Zenith for travel and it comes in either the standard Parajet blue, or in pretty much any color you can imagine. This wide range of customization allows you to design a paramotor that truly stands out from the crowd. Fully composed of 6082 Aviation-grade Alu-magnesium alloy, the aerodynamically-shaped cage sections are also durable enough to take a hit. Attaching the equally-durable netting assembly is easy using Parajet's pioneering sliding-net system. 

The 12.5L fuel tank is easily removable to aid in mobile refueling. Power is delivered through your choice of either the powerhouse Moster 185 or the smooth, fuel-sipping new Atom 80, both from Vittorazi. Either one gives you a dependable unit that's practical and attractive! 

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