Ultimate Carrier
Ultimate Carrier
Aviator Paramotor

Ultimate Carrier

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A one of a kind ultimate transport device AND engine-run stand for your Air Conception Paramotor.  Rock solid and easy to use, provides superior security for your paramotor on roads in any condition while allowing quick and easy install/removal with just two pins, no tie down straps necessary! Features an integrated storage well for your 5 gallon gas container and seat for strapping in while sitting comfortably.  Purpose designed also for warming up your paramotor while still latched securely to the transporter for maximum safety, and to serve as a safe and easy paramotor tuning stand. Carrier inserts directly into your 2 inch receiver or into 1 1/4 inch receiver with adaptor. (works with Air Conception Titanium Race V1/V2 frames, Delta Aluminum, and Delta Magnesium frames, please specify which when ordering)

Follow the link below to the Fuel Jugs that are a perfect fit for your Ultimate Carrier! 




Carriers are NOT guaranteed to hold motor in place. Additional restraints are required for proper safety!

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