Fly Products: ECLIPSE
Fly Products: ECLIPSE
Fly Products: ECLIPSE
Fly Products: ECLIPSE
Fly Products: ECLIPSE

Fly Products: ECLIPSE

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The pursuit of the "perfect" paramotor is truly an endless one. When we first started working with Fly Products in 2018, we begged them to work with us to create something truly radical for their paramotor line up.

We wanted an ULTRA lightweight frame that retained the strength and rigidity necessary for heavy acro pilots and a simple assembly system. We wanted to utilize Vittorazi's engine offerings, but we wanted a frame and harness that stood out from the rest of the industry.
What we got back absolutely blew our mind. A comfortable, light machine that showcases the decades of engineering experience that Fly Products brings to the table. Weighing in at just 38lbs with the Atom 80 and 49lbs with the Moster 185 Plus, the 2019 Eclipse is in a class of it's own.

The lightest paramotor on the market. It comes in 3 variants:

    • Atom 80 - 38 lbs
    • Moster 185 - 49.3 lbs
    • Moster Dual Start - ~52 lbs

      Lead time on paramotors varies from 2 - 5 weeks.

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